it’s nanoreno time! a game dev challenge where you have to make a visual novel from start to finish in a month, i’m stupidly participating even though i’ll be spending half of march in san fran at GDC.

BREWITCHED - a tea-themed magical girl otome visual novel
Effie was just like every other high-school girl until a weird looking tea-shop pops up on her route home. On a dare to go inside, she hesitantly drinks a cup of tea from the young owner of the store and then, everything changes. The shop disappears, the owner keeps popping up and there’s a whole new set of responsibilities to undertake. Infused with new magical tea powers, Effie must defend her town from distraught and misguided spirits, working with her friends and the strange tea-shop owner. Tea, often associated with spiritual harmony and calm, is the weapon she will use in her new magical form to defeat them, soothing them back to their normal state. DARJEELING! EARL GREY! OCHA!’

i’ll probably be posting some of the art here as it gets finished, but if you want to follow the dev thread i have one over at the lemmasoft forums!